We've Saved Businesses Over $1 Billion Dollars In
Unclaimed Tax Credits, Incentives & Operational Expenses


Most businesses today fail to take advantage of legitimate deductions and incentives, due to complicated and ever-changing tax laws that confound even the best Accountants and CPAs. 

In addition, many businesses are unknowingly overpaying for operational expenses that can add up to thousands of dollars a month.  Money that could be used for improvements, inventory, staffing or working capital.


We analyze specific areas that can uncover significant benefits and savings.  Our expert research team has helped thousands of businesses recover lost deductions, incentives and credits, as well as reducing ongoing operational costs.  Focus areas include:

Property Tax Mitigation

Outside of income taxes, the single largest recurring charge for commercial property owners and real estate investors are property taxes. Our in-depth assessment of asset value has the potential to decrease expenses and create immediate cash flow.

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is an IRS-approved tax strategy that permits commercial real estate owners to reclassify property as more rapidly depreciating personal property, resulting in significant cash flow benefits, both in the present, as well as in the future.

R & D Credits

Manufacturers and other technical based operations are often eligible for lucrative tax credits, as defined by The Research and Development Tax Credit, which was enacted in 1981 to encourage American investment in innovation.

Workers Compensation

Over 70% of all companies have been or are being currently overcharged for their workers’ compensation plans. Our Audit identifies and recovers premium overcharges by reviewing the past five to seven years of classifications and ratings.

Parcel & Shipping

Through our Shipping Audit service, clients can expect to see up to 3% hard-dollar savings in the form of refunds from their carrier.  Our clients average an additional 7% savings through the use of our reporting tools and cost saving optimization analytics.

Energy Deductions

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows companies to claim a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per sq. foot for improving the energy efficiency of their existing commercial buildings or by designing higher efficiency into new buildings.

Waste & Recycling

80% of commercial businesses can benefit and save with a Waste Audit. Our comprehensive audit lowers monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling of disposables by finding billing errors and overcharges.

 Hiring Incentives

Local, State and Federal tax incentive programs allow private-for-profit employers to reduce their taxable liability on the hiring of qualified individuals. Tax credits can range anywhere from $2,400 to $9,600 per qualified hire.

Merchant Account Fees

Our two-phase approach to credit card expense reduction is unparalleled in the payments industry. We correct the processing plan to reflect the most competitive plan type and rate, using specific asks of the existing provider.


While we can assist businesses of all types and sizes, the greatest gains are generally recognized by:

  • Commercial property owners.
  • Facilities who have made significant capital improvements.
  • Industries considered "high risk", as defined by workers' compensation policies.
  • Merchants processing a considerable volume of monthly credit card transactions.
  • Businesses who incur sizable shipping and delivery costs.
  • Companies who have implemented energy efficiency upgrades.


Below are some of the industries that we have helped to recover unclaimed incentives and save millions of dollars.


Auto Dealership



Hotel & Motel

Storage Facility

Commercial R.E.





Job Shop


Staffing Agency

Funeral Home



Oil & Gas


Food Processing

While subjects such as Property Tax Mitigation, Cost Segregation and R&D Credits require extensive knowledge of complex laws and statutes, our unique Client Review procedure for determining your company's savings is simple and straightforward.  

After almost two decades and conducting thousands of audits, we have streamlined the process significantly with the recent introduction our specialized Client Review App.  Once needed data is provided, the numbers are entered into the App and approximate savings are calculated almost instantly.  This usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. 

And unlike our competitors, such as the big accounting firms, who routinely charge five figures for comparable services, there are absolutely no upfront costs.  We operate solely on a performance-based fee, which is collected after the Client has received the benefits.


Here are a few well-known brands who have utilized our services. 


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